Saturday, February 23, 2013

Putting some of the bee's honey to use

February 1, 2013

     At some point I had come across some recipes for lip balm and deodorant. So, on a vacation to Netart's Oregon with family including my sister and niece, we tried our hand at production.

Lip Balm
1/2 C.+ 4 T sweet almond oil
1 t honey
1 t cocoa butter
1 t vitamin E oil
9 T bee's wax, melted

6 T. coconut oil
1/4  C. baking soda
1/4  C. arrowroot powder

     The lip balm sets up quickly and feels great on the lips. The deodorant takes a while to set-up and a little runs out the bottom of the tubes while it's solidifying. Upon contact with skin it turns to liquid. After I had made the deodorant, I read you can add sage oil to help control odor. Guess I'll try that next time.

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